Co-extrusion Systems

A.R. supplies co-extrusion systems as a complete package or in separate components to produce quality multilayer films that meet precise customer specifications. Each layer is fed through a separate spiral, taking into consideration individual material viscosity and melt temperature. The co-extrusion die spirals are designed by computer simulation using the rheology of the materials and are built to minimize flow back pressure. To guarantee the best design for each individual application AR works closely with the customer, analyzing proposed materials and layer configurations and verifying compatibility.


Dies are manufactured from high grade alloy steel which is heat treated and stress relieved prior to final machining.
Symmetrical layer joining in the CO-extrusion die to avoid high inter-layer stress.
High output per circumferential inch of die lips


Stationary, rotating or oscillating die blocks are also manufactured by AR Each CO-extrusion die block is custom-designed in the same manner as the die to provide maximum flow uniformity and proper residence time. Rotators and oscillators feature a dual thrust bearing system. In combination with pressure activated polymer seals, the rotator/oscillator system minimizes metal to metal contact which reduces wear; the potential for seal failure and transmission energy requirements. For maintenance, the rotator/oscillator seals are simple to replace with no machining required.