Air Rings

A.R. ENG'S air ring design provides

High cooling capacity.
Improved gauge control.
Excellent bubble stability.
Wide blow up ratio range.


Adaptable to new and existing dies.
Adjustable dual lip configuration.
Low pressure, high volume design.
Hurricane type plenum.
Laminar air flow system.

A.R.'s Air Ring design combines various elements by using entry ports and dual lips to produce excellent bubble stabilization and higher cooling capacities. Thus, resulting in higher productivity, good control of thickness and improved film optical properties.

The entry ports on the AR Air Rings are designed to eliminate any turbulence by allowing air stream to flow on top of each other. The new chamber design is devoid of a buffer, creating a smooth flow of air and remains maintenance free. The aerodynamic design of the dual lips provides two air streams, one high volume and one low volume, to form a highly directional flow improving gauge variation and output rates.

An AR Air Rings can be utilized on either stationary, rotating or oscillating dies. Manufactured with high quality cast aluminum alloy which allows higher resistance and dimensional stability. Each unit is equipped with a pressure gauge and bi-metallic thermometer.

Given the characteristics of the design and versatility of the manufacturing process, our Air Rings can be adapted to all types of dies, whether new or in use.